My Story

Hi! I'm Lizzy Martin: creator of the Tangle Pet!  With three girls, brushing hair was an everyday battle.  After gluing a wet brush to one of my daughter Gracie's favorite stuffed animals, a solution was born!  As the proud daughter of an inventor and entrepreneur father, I knew I wanted to bring this product to life. I decided to apply for "The 100,000 Pyramid" to acquire the money to pursue my dream, and (believe it or not!) I appeared as a contestant in the spring of 2016. That's why each and every Tangle Pet comes with a triangle-shaped tag; it's my tribute to the game-show that made this possible!

My Mission

Every day as a mother, I strive to instill in my children the tools that will help them succeed and feel joy in this life. While grooming is important, I also want them to remember who they are, and how God sees them. Affirmations work! I want Tangle Pets to help remind children how wonderful, kind, smart, loved, and important they are! Each Tangle Pet comes with its own set of affirmations that I hope will help every child remember who they are!